Acuband Headache Pain Relief Acu Pressure System

Acuband Headache Pain Relief Acu Pressure System

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Relieve your headaches instantly with AcuBand!

It’s the newest acupressure system that helps relieve tension and stress by targeting the head and neck.

The AcuBand has double acupressure pads that target headache trigger points known as the suboccipital muscles, gently taking away throbbing and nerve tension without the need for medication.

Free yourself from headaches easily with AcuBand. Simply wrap it around your head, and tighten the straps for perfect pressure. You’ll feel relief in just minutes!

The AcuBand is proven to relieve headaches and stress. A clinical study reports that 86.6% of users claimed to have felt relief in only under 2 minutes of using it!

The AcuBand is an acupressure system based on pain therapy. Having the AcuBand is like having a personal physical therapist with you, anytime, anywhere you need it!

  • Double acupressure pads to target headache trigger points (suboccipital muscles)
  • Clinically tested to relieve headaches 86.6% proven to provide relief in under 2 minutes
  • Dual adjustment straps
1 AcuBand
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